At Purnell's we offer a wide range of garments and apparel from local suppliers, such as sportswear, work clothes and 
high-visibility items. We invite all clubs, schools, businesses and fashion enthusiasts to browse our fabulous collection online or in our showrooms.

The current display at Purnell Trophies includes the very latest styles and designs from all over the world. We can embroider or screen print your logo onto your all your garments, imparting a touch of class in the process.

We have also recently launched Purnell Apparel - a clothing line specialising in sublimated, cost effective sporting apparel. From rugby kits to netball uniforms, let us fit you with our  custom sizing kits to ensure you get the best size and feel of our garments.

Browse our Purnell Apparel and suppliers' websites, choose the styles you like and ask us about turnaround times. We’re standing by to handle your requests.
Purnell Apparel
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